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You work hard to achieve your lifestyle, everything from the basics—owning or renting a home, a vehicle to get to and from work every day—to perhaps some of the finer things in life—a boat, antiques and jewelry. The result of your labors, your home and possessions, should be secure, with insurance that protects your family and your finances from unforeseen events.

At Integrated Insurance Solutions, we take special pride in providing comprehensive insurance products that cover all your personal insurance needs. We have helped thousands of customers find the right price and coverage for their autos, homes, condominiums, boats and other valuable assets. We know that the personal insurance we provide protects your hard-earned assets, often the result of years of financial discipline.

We also know that many of our clients do not fully understand the complexities of their insurance coverage. That is why we are here to explain it all to you. With our expertise in this area of the insurance business, we've put a great deal of care into developing this personal product line and making sure you understand potential needs and coverage options.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality insurance products and services which is why we only represent highly reputable and fiscally sound insurance companies. These relationships allow us to offer you the most comprehensive products at the most competitive prices. We provide our personal insurance clients with courteous and straightforward answers to each and every one of their questions. It is our belief that the better you understand the product the more effective we can be. It is because of our commitment to service and our competitive product mix that we are confident we can meet all of your personal insurance needs.

Products Include


  • Protects your vehicle—and your personal liability
  • Provides medical payment coverage for you or others injured in your or someone else's vehicle
  • Covers legal costs and personal injury claims filed against you in the case of an accident where you are found at fault
  • Pays legal costs and damage claims to another person's automobile in the case of an accident involving your vehicle
  • Protects you from damage from an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver
  • Provides repair or replacement costs in case of damage from theft, weather or other events
  • Covers collision damage to other vehicles, people or objects
  • Provides coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and RVs


  • Protects what is probably your family's biggest investment and largest asset—your home
  • Protects you and your family from liability if someone falls or is injured on your property
  • Includes replacement costs for your family's possessions and personal valuables—anywhere in the world—whether you're traveling for business or pleasure
  • Offers coverage from major or minor damage caused by fire, most weather issues, utility failures—plumbing, heating, electrical and theft or vandalism
  • Includes coverage of physical structures—house, garage, outer buildings-and can ensure replacement value so that you can rebuild or replace your home at its current value
  • For condo owners, protects the interior of the structure and your family's possessions—not covered in the condo association's insurance
  • Covers living expenses in the event that damage forces you out of your home during repairs or replacement


  • Fills a critical gap, as landlords' insurance covers the building but not individual renters' possessions
  • Covers your personal possessions from fire, most weather, utility malfunctions—burst pipes or electrical surges—plus theft or vandalism
  • Can include liability coverage to protect you if someone falls or is injured in the space you rent—or if something you own somehow damages other renters' possessions


  • Provides additional liability coverage above and beyond that of your automobile and home insurance policies
  • Helps guard your personal and family's finances—and future
  • Can provide a lawsuit safety net if someone ever sues—and you are liable for costs that far exceed your resources
  • Can help to prevent the loss of your family's home, possessions and savings to jury awards, settlements and lawsuits


  • Provides repair or replacement costs for damage from external causes such as vandalism, theft, fire, flood, collision, and sinking
  • Covers attached equipment—including dinghies, motors, fuel tanks, cushions and life preservers, oars, anchors, and fishing equipment
  • Protects you from liability in cases of property damage or bodily injury caused by your boat
  • Provides emergency and removal services


  • Provides repair or replacement costs for items whose value exceeds the value of the place where they are stored
  • Protects wedding expenses against a lost or stolen ring or gown, damaged gifts or photos, severe weather, unexpected illness or other unforeseen personal commitment like military call-up that might jeopardize expensive plans
  • Covers home-based businesses, including office equipment
  • Offers protection if you employ domestic workers—a nanny, housekeeper, home health aide—with liability protection from lawsuits, as well as coverage for expenses if that worker is injured on the job
  • Allows homeowner to recoup full value of property lost due to fire, theft, other causes
  • Supplements homeowner or renter policies that may have limitations or deductibles

Jewelry/Collectibles/Fine Art

  • Protects collectibles of high value based on rarity or age
  • Provides repair or replacement costs for jewelry items whose value exceeds the value of the place where they are stored
  • Ensures coverage of fine art, including high-priced antiques and family heirlooms
  • Supplements homeowners or renters policy that may have limitations or deductibles

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